EMSHE LogoThe Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education was founded by Craig Goldenfarb, personal injury lawyer and owner of the Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The scholarship is dedicated to Emanuel McMiller, a former employee of Mr. Goldenfarb’s law firm, and a former student of Urban Youth Impact of West Palm Beach. Emanuel defied all odds stacked against him to become the first in his family to attend college. Emanuel is currently enrolled at Notre Dame Law School. Learn more about Emanuel’s incredible journey here.

This scholarship will benefit rising high school seniors and juniors who are involved with Urban Youth Impact and are planning to attend college after graduating high school, as well as college students or graduates who are planning to attend graduate school.

The primary financial benefit of EMSHE is to cover the costs of applying to and matriculating to the first year of undergraduate college, including costs that are incurred during the first semester of the student’s freshman year (not including tuition). If you are not planning to attend college immediately following high school graduation, the scholarship may still be available to you on a case-by-case basis.

A student who applied for the scholarship in high school, regardless of the outcome of the application, may also apply again following the completion of their undergraduate program for assistance in applying and matriculating to graduate school.

Requirements for Scholarship

For the time being, EMSHE awards are granted on a priority basis to Urban Youth Impact program graduates. Requirements are as follows:

  • Be currently enrolled in, be a graduate of, or at one time have been either in any Urban Youth Impact proram
  • Be a junior or senior in high school
  • Apply online
  • Must commit to at least one full semester in college

Scholarship benefits include:

  • Financial Benefits

Scholarship funds may be used for virtually any expenses relating to applying or matriculating to college, which may include application fees, deposit fees, meal expenses, expenses related to travel and touring of a potential school, transportation to and from school, and just about anything else the Scholarship Committee feels is justified.

  • Mentoring

The mentoring aspect of the Scholarship is designed to pair you with someone who works in your choice of field of study.

  • Alumni Connections

Students who have benefited from EMSHE become Ambassadors for the Scholarship, encouraging others to take advantage of the grant to apply and go to college.